letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Education is Number One Priority


The cancel culture of the SFUSD must certainly be aware of the five worst words in the English Language : β€œGovernment is here to help β€œ.

Many may not be aware of the WWIII between China and the United States for being the top country in the world, where education of the population, not bombs, are the munitions for winning this war. San Francisco’s and other cities’ schools have been closed over this past year, while schools in China have been open, as have their businesses. 

American schools once were number one among advance countries abroad. Today they are now among the worst. The United States was number one before the inclusion of Congress, the school boards and unions … and  taught reading, writing, math, and American History. 

True, the past presidents may have not been perfect, but many of them had no schools and studied in their log cabins under candle light, nor books obtained from libraries.  My wife and I, and our three children learned to read books and visit libraries before starting school.

Frank Norton

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