New Video by Joey Yee Features the Sunset District

Richmond District resident and filmmaker Joey Yee took a half-mile journey across Golden Gate Park to discover what makes the Sunset District so special.

Here is a link to his most recent YouTube video:

Here is a link to a story featuring Joey Yee in the Richmond Review last year:

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  1. THANK YOU! I am so happy you have ventured south across the park to film the Sunset District. You bring a fresh view to documenting our “neighborhood” with an open mind as to what is here. It is not a travelogue, but an experience you had on your visit. You know that next I will tell you there is more to the story … There is the Parkside District which deserves your attention. Full disclosure: this is where I live – 1.5 blocks from Stern Grove.

    So when you have some time, let me know when you want to film Sunset District Part II, “the outside lands’s outside land.”


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