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Letter to the Editor: Sunset Community Alliance Assoc. Against Irving St. Affordable Housing Project


I am writing on behalf of the SF Sunset Community Alliance Association to highlight the facts and reality of the situation about the construction of the colossal affordable housing buidling at 2550 Irving St. in the mid-Sunset.

The monstrosity of the building surely would transform the landscape and character of the Sunset District. However, to  our chagrin, our district supervisor, Gordon Mar, appears to be overriding  the dissenting voices from the vast majority of our surrounding neighbors. He even disparagingly addressed those neighbors who have expressed our opposition to the project as racists. Since its inception of the affordable housing project has been about a year, but our District supervisor has not made it known to the surrounding neighbors. Naturally, our Sunset residents are disposed to think of the dark-room deal behind the facade of the building for his best interest above the majority voices of surrounding neighbors. 

As our district supervisor, instead of accommodating the best interest of most Sunset residents in his policies, Mar has been riding roughshod over the majority of public’s sentiments. Worst of all, he never communicates with non-English speaking neighbors. 

J. Tam
SF Sunset Community Alliance Association

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  1. It is unconscionable to oppose a 100 percent affordable apartment project adjacent to public transit and near our largest city park in the midst of an on going historic housing crisis. To be so unwelcoming to new families and working people to our neighborhood is irrational and this is underscored by the lack of actual argument in this letter, instead vague complaints and allusions without proof to backroom deals. These are scare tactics masking selfish, anti-community views.


  2. You should be ashamed of yourself. “Screw you Jack, I’ve got mine” at its finest. The sunset needs affordable housing, and it needs it yesterday.


  3. We support the letter of SF Sunset Community Alliance relatively which pointed out the suspicious intriguing between the outside interest group since the project was initiated from the beginning of 2020 and yet our Sunset residents were covered up in darkness. Affordable housing is a good idea, but the way of supervisor Mar’s operation is non-transparent and invidious since he ignored the guidelines and rules of the City taking the impact of idea and consensus of the neighbors before approaching the funding.


  4. I live close by the 2550 Irving project, I personally supporting affordable housing in San Francisco, however, the building need to be modified and lower to 4 story, that will be more acceptable for neighbors. I want to say Supervisor Mar need to listen to the voice from the project surrounding neighbors, they are the direct impact people. He needs to stop bringing Sunset outsider to support on his own interested. We are the people vote for him, not the Sunset outsider. He should pay attention on our need. In addition, Sunset is under housing too, we need to fight for more housing opportunity for our own community, current up to 40% priority for Sunset resident is NOT enough. He is anti-community. As a good leader, he needs to work with the community, not attacking them.

    Mar is fueling the rage to be the worse performing supervisor compared his two predecessors . Corruption scandal of Chinese-American law-makers are no stranger to San Francisco . Worst still, sowing seeds of discord , disharmony among us by name calling , surreptitious act , ignoring the voiceless , making China town against the opposing voices , his political advancement to double-cross the core interest of majority neighboring residents are disgusting and repugnant.


  5. It is funny Gordon uses Chinatown against Sunset Chinese American , but he shows himself very Chinese , his Chinese auspicious hangers of Chinese year


  6. I oppose 2550 Irving Street project as following reason
    1. Natural resource environmental issue and sustainability
    a. Water b. Air and Sunshine c. Infrastructure
    2. Density increase are a bad idea
    a. San Francisco is already the second most densely populated city in U.S. after NY
    b. Density is a health Hazard in a Pandemic
    c. “ Units “is not the same as “People”
    3. Earthquakes, Fires, AwSs and Public Safety

    Sunset is not ready for this rapidly population growth!


  7. Many key informations regarding this project are missing from Public documents by Developer and Gordon Mar. This project propose 90-100 units . Those will be assigned as follow (10% undecided)
    20% Extremely Low Income level
    50% Very Low Income level
    20% Low Income level

    The household income from most of the existing essential working rental families on Sunset District are beyond those extremely or very low income levels. Also, only up to 40% of the units will be prioritized for Sunset residents. We need 100% of the project units to be allocated to low/moderate income families in Sunset District because many of us are underhoused.


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