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Letter to the Editor: ‘When Will They Ever Learn?’

Editor ,

FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, like your house is burning down: Like our school alumni whose class school books have their original school names and and pictures!

Furthermore, the Guiding Guidelines for changing these names would limit to the names of the many GODs. Meanwhile, the mayor of San  Francisco is appointing a commission to provide reparation dollars to the the cCity’s black people whose ancestors were slaves, while disregarding the white people whose ancestors were slaves!

All the while the schools, city, state and federal governments are under water finically, and the schools, businesses and restaurants are closed.  When will they ever learn, when will they learn?

Frank T. Norton

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  1. Is it the job of the City government to make reparation payments to those whose parents and grandparents, etc,… suffered from social rejection… If so, then we have to address ALL such “social indignities/ crimes to all such descendants of these past crimes…. Of course there were, and still are..social stigma practices..

    My adult children are bi-racial, for whatever that suggests.

    But, then again, I am against flogging Lincoln Washington, etc by stripping them from being honored for the good they did for us, 300 years ago.


  2. My above Reply…was to the Note in the Review/Beacon ..saying that Mayor Breed has created a Committee to look into “Reparations ” for past wrongs…

    Although it is not SF’s duty to create a plan that would distribute “Reparation payments”…. the fact is that many current African Americans are descendants of people who were brought here against their free will…as slaves, and ttney and their children lived here as “human property”… until Lincoln freed them in 1865…

    It,again, is not SF’s duty to pay reparations for all those years of “sanctioned criminal conduct…but
    the larger issue of “Reparations by the current Federal government”… for the sins of the distant past..is one that should be addressed as a “Moral Decision” needing redress..To hell with any talk of a “Statute of Limitations!

    At the same time: Do not trample on the good deeds of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, etc..by pulling their names off schools. The School Board is well inrtended, but misguided on the “De-naming” controversy.


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