Historical Photos

Historical Photo: ‘Wave Goodbye’

A crowd gathers near the original Beach Chalet on Ocean Beach in 1914 to witness rough seas. Commissioned in 1892 by the Park Commission, the Queen Ann style structure was often referred to as The House on the Beach and was perched atop a dune near Great Highway. This made it particularly vulnerable to bad weather, so a seawall was built in 1910 and 1911 to protect it. The seawall’s first big test came with a storm in January 1914; it was clear no structure could stand in this place for long. The old House was then donated to the Boy Scouts and moved to 24th Avenue between Irving and Judah. *Since the Boy Scouts only used it for a few nights a week, other groups did, too. During WWII, the Sunset Play Center Nursery School used the building until the NURSEY SCHOOL relocated to Lawton and the Great Highway.  The Scout Hall burned to the ground in a fire in 1958. The Spanish Colonial Beach Chalet that still stands at the west end of Golden Gate Park was built in 1925. Photo courtesy of a private collector/Western Neighborhoods Project/OpenSFHistory.

  • Captions printed in the Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon newspapers were incorrect, stating the building was moved to Lawton and Great Highway. The above caption is the corrected version.

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