letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Clean up Lake Merced


Does it strike you that the SF Rec. and Park Dept is able to erect a grotesque 140-foot-tall ferris wheel in the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park (they now strive to keep it in place for four years instead of the few months originally agreed upon), but apparently can’t manage to clean up the garbage that litters the shores of our otherwise lovely Lake Merced, beloved by SF citizens, birds, and other wildlife?

What would it take? Two people and a truck once a week? Is the lake so neglected because it lies beyond the usual tourist pilgrimage, and thus their wallets?

This negligence not only shows disrespect for us SF citizens, but for the noble idea that parks can offer us a breath of nature within our own City limits. For what is natural about styrofoam cartons stuck in branches and aluminum cans and broken glass all over the ground?

Dan Richman 


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