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Letter to the Editor: Kezar Stadium Story Inspired Memories Of Polytechnic High School


Memories of the greatness of the internationally known beauty of San Francisco can be best recognized by the ancient pictures such as that shown by Martin Jacobs in his story about Kezar Stadium!

The aerial photo of the old Kezar Stadium is worth more than a million words as it also tells the story of one of San Francisco’s greatest schools, the former Polytechnic High School that was replaced by public housing. Students had the advantage to cross the street stadium’s track and field and development of the nation’s top high school football team coached by former professional coach Milt Ax  . 

The girls and boys gymnasium buildings still remain. Sports was tops at this school with the advantage of the stadium, the Golden Gate Park tennis courts and the Beach Chalet soccer field down near the beach. Former students cried at the many class renunons held at the UCSF Parnessus campus after the school was removed. They also contributed to the making of a metal plate that commemorated the school and was placed at the site. Former athletes still meet yearly at a restaurant in San Francisco. 

Polytechnic High School is gone, and the San Francisco schools are closed. The teachers union is asking for more money for the teachers and better working conditions, and each student is funded by some $11,000 each by property taxes .

One gauge of the value of our nation’s educational system is whether student graduates become givers or takers to our nation.

Frank T. Norton

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  1. My Dad went to Poly about 1916-18. I went to Kezar many times to watch high school and pro football games. I went to the pavilion to see basketball games and roller derby. When my son had a bad bump on the back of the head we went to the emergency room by the police station. Kezar holds many memories for me.


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