Westsiders, Part 2: Molcaxitl

By Ricky Silva

Molcaxitl is a traditional Mexican kitchen based in the Sunset District. Its founder, Nomar Ramirez, started the kitchen to reintroduce the community to forgotten parts of indigenous cuisine. 

Ramirez himself is a Los Angeles-born Chicano who moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in business and mechanical engineering. Within the last year, he has found a passion in serving plates of indigenous cuisine to people of all diets. 

Molcaxitl focuses on keeping its menu true to tradition. All ingredients used, including the livestock and chiles, were chosen while looking at the diets of the indigenous people. Even the methods of cooking are modelled after the way the dishes were intended to be prepared. Molcaxitl wants you to feel as if the food you are eating was taken off the plate of the indigenous people of Mexico. 

The team is made up entirely of people with Hispanic blood. Ramirez decided to structure his team this way because he wants others to get in tune with their culture. Ramirez takes pride in the connection and strong relationship he has with his Chicano identity and he wants people who feel distant to their Hispanic culture to connect with their ancestors through the gift of food. Molcaxitl serves its vegan-friendly menu to the patrons of the Outer Sunset Farmers Market every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 37th Avenue at Ortega to Quintara streets. Give them a visit and try out their special, Tōtolin, a turkey birria soaked in a pot of flavored marinade. And don’t forget to tell ‘em Ricky sent you. 

Nomar Ramirez. Photos by Ricky Silva.

Molcaxitl Menu

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