letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Why Not Open Our Schools


A question not asked of the SFUSD is why are the schools not open when it has been reported that the schools in China have beem open since the year before last?

OK , what this means is that the Peoples Republic of China is estimated to pass the USA in GDP and wealth in less than 20 years. Our schools and businesses are closed, our cities are locked down, the children are not being schooled, and the parents and children are being depressed and deaths occur due to suicides, murder, and divorces are increasing!

On top of this, doctors are beginning to suggest the annual flu corona virus is similar to the COV19 virus, in that they both arte mutating in a similar manor, and that if you have had the flu when young, you are likely immune to the COV19 strain. I went through my 15 years of government schools with getting the flu virus at the end of grammar school, stayed home for three weeks, and finished junior and high school without coming down with the flu, or at least I did not get sick in bed. I have not taken vaccinations and am a healthy 85-year-old senior .

Perhaps the SFUSD and their new president and vice-president should talk this over with the rest of the board: Our country depends on it .

Frank T. Norton

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