letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: ‘We Hold These Truths’


We Hold These Truths…

After walking in the cold San Francisco rain yesterday, seeing the
ever-growing dehumanized number of homeless, I couldn’t help but feel
an accomplice. Once access to shelter and sanitation are lost,
physical, mental, and spiritual health quickly diminishes. We are
embodied beings, not technological devices, not a series of ones and
zeros. This is the only self-evident truth with any real moral
content. If current housing costs were reasonable, if current wages
had any connection with the cost of living, if we currently lived
under conditions of relative peace, equality, and stability, then
perhaps it could be argued the homeless are in their position due to
personal choice.

I felt guilty returning to my warm apartment. I may be able to dictate
my behavior, but not my thoughts and feelings. Witnessing fellow
citizens forced to exist un-housed, in the rain, during a pandemic, is
witnessing a crime. I cannot choose not to see this. It’s

Mira Martin-Parker

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