Press Release: Affordable Housing Project Planned for 2550 Irving St.

From the office of SF Supervisor Gordon Mar:

Under the leadership of Mayor London Breed, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) has selected Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) to build and develop 100% affordable housing at 2550 Irving St. for families. Upon completion, the building will feature up to 100 affordable apartments for low-income families. The new development on Irving Street exemplifies the City’s efforts to invest in developments in high resource neighborhoods in need of affordable housing, like the Sunset. Construction is expected to start in 2023.

As San Francisco emerges from the pandemic, Mayor Breed has made clear that housing production is an important part of our long road to recovery. Building housing provides good-paying jobs for workers and stable homes for our residents.  

“The creation of more affordable housing across San Francisco is at the center of our COVID-19 recovery strategy and we are thrilled to partner with TNDC to bring much-needed permanently affordable housing to the Sunset,” said Eric Shaw, MOHCD Director. “We continue to expand our pipeline with a focus on equitable investment to meet the housing needs of residents across the City.”

In December 2019, MOHCD issued a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) seeking to support acquisition of parcels located in Districts 1,2,4,7 and 8. These districts were identified as they have been traditionally underserved by new 100% affordable housing production. 

“I am excited to work with TNDC to bring the very first 100% affordable housing project for families to the Sunset,” said District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar. “This project will expand access and opportunities for families priced out of our neighborhood, where we have seen an underinvestment in affordable housing. Along with the City’s first affordable housing project for educators in the Mid-Sunset, this project will help us develop greater capacity in the westside to create housing that serves priority community needs.”

MOHCD selected TNDC as the developer of the Irving site based on their extensive experience with affordable housing development and management, community outreach, and providing services rooted in the values of cultural humility to families with low incomes, formerly homeless households and seniors as well as a commitment to the City’s racial equity framework. 

“TNDC is grateful and humbled to help more families remain housed and thriving by bringing affordable housing to a neighborhood with high-performing public schools and access to resources such as grocery stores and public transit. With our community-centered approach, we look forward to working with the Sunset neighborhood, MOHCD, and a range of partners to continue addressing San Francisco’s housing crisis and preserve the city’s vibrancy,” said Donald S. Falk, CEO of TNDC.

Supervisor Mar and TNDC will co-host a series of community meetings early in 2021 offered in English and Cantonese concerning the project’s approval process, schematic design, and targeted income levels starting in January 2021.  

Link to the project website: https://www.tndc.org/property/2550-irving

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  1. No mention that this is not an empty or derelict block (such as the next block up to the east)? It houses a not too old Police Credit Union building & parking lot…..


  2. The planned housing project is right in the middle of a neighborhood that is home to many young families and the elderly. There was zero communication with residents of the neighborhood about this project and clearly has been done under the table without community input. Most of us living in the community found out through a hand-mailed letter written by another member of the community explaining what is happening.

    It is absolutely appalling that as supervisor for the Sunset, Gordon Mar would intentionally try and hide these plans from those living in the area. It is clear that he does not represent the residents living in the Sunset nor does he care about them. Any claims that there was miscommunication or misunderstanding is a complete lie, no one has heard about this project until this press release.

    Affordable housing is important, but without consideration or input by those living in the area, Gordon Mar is abandoning those who have elected him to represent them.


  3. We have questions regarding the 2550 Irving project, please provide the related information.
    1. This project will build a seven level stories tall building with 100 units apartment. Such big project located on a RH1/RH2 zinging and it will be the tallest building on sunset west side area, will the residents on this community have a hearing / approval meeting? Not the meeting for schematic design . (Per the city planning department, even when we build a deck over 10 ft on own backyard, it needs a 311 neighbor hearing and approval process. )

    2. Do you have the environmental and community impact reports regarding to this project?

    3. From the other source, we learn that the project is for renters only and many of them suffer from mental health and substance abuse issues. And
    The building will employing full time onsite social workers to provide mental health and addiction service which can reflect the factor that the target renters for this project will share a significant present age of the renters. However, those import information didn’t be released on your Press Release. Since you are the one to introduce the project into our area, you should have the responsibility to fully disclose the necessary information to residents affected by this project。 Could you provide us those target renters information? The project is for renters or buyers?
    We need the transparency to involve on the project approval / planning process.


  4. How many garages will there be for these 100 units? Parking is already stretched and hundreds of parking spaces in the Sunset have been scrapped in the last couple years.


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