letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: The Devastation of Income Inequality


Please please please consider discussing the obvious conflict of interest
existing between the class of people governing us during this health
crisis, and their simultaneous massive profiteering off of our misery.

Why are certain industries along with those invested in them, such as
high-tech and biotech, etc., permitted to benefit while we and our
businesses are literally dying off in droves? The common law legal
principle has it that one should not benefit from one’s own wrong
doing. And yet, radical income inequality is one of the major
contributing factors to the devastation this disease is having on
certain segments of the population, namely, the majority, as in the
masses, or We the People.

This inequality is primarily driven by the very industry and class now raking it in–the credentialed elite. Our politicians have no interest in effectively leading us, if it proves more financially beneficial for them to mislead us; i.e., to keep us
stuck in state of continuous economic and social fear and terror. This
is a toxic dynamic that is so obviously sick and perverse, and so flagrantly corrupt.

We as American citizens are absolutely powerless to do anything about it, as both political parties are utterly compromised by money. Plato, in his Republic, denied the ruling class the ability to make money. They were provided for and honored, but they could not amass wealth. Nor could they justly impose their rule
by force. Plato’s warrior class had absolute authority, but they could
only be trusted by the people if they were not permitted to
simultaneously use this power to fleece them.

We as American citizens currently have neither the advantages of living in a Darwinian free state of nature, which is to care for ourselves by any means necessary, nor the one advantage of being enslaved, which is to be
physically provided for by others. We have a new form of government in
which We the People get effed both ways.

Eff this, and eff French Laundry and everything it stands for.

Most sincerely,

Mira Martin-Parker

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  1. Thank You Mira, AB71 is set to repeal stepped up tax basis on inherited property. The Sunset, and many other SF neighborhoods, are filled with working people hanging on to their family houses. Who will buy your house when your children can’t finance the capital gains tax and the increase of property taxes from prop 19? That’s right! It will not be working or middle class people. Now would be a good time to start writing letters to your politicians.


  2. The only reason income inequality is brought up as an issue is for politicians who talk about it to get votes. People who may fall on hard times due to no fault of their own do need help. When people who use their alleged states of hardship to ask for handouts, they should be told to get a life.


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