Golden Gate Park

Letter to the Editor: GG Park Being Paved Over and Covered in Artificial Turf


This was the state of the Golden Gate Park Dog Training Area at 39th Avenue and Fulton on Oct. 24. This is what Phil Ting and the SF Rec and Park Dept. (SFRPD) have wrought. Our beloved Golden Gate Park is being used, once again, as a contractor’s boondoggle. The natural environment is being replaced by concrete and artificial turf. Two and half million dollars are being spent so dogs can run around. This is way beyond what was needed to renovate the dog run.
RSN 11-20 dogpark photo David Romano
Courtesy photo by David Romano

It seems SF Rec and Park won’t be satisfied until every square foot of Golden Gate Park is concrete and artificial turf. The seven acres of the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields are now entirely concrete and artificial turf. Have you been to the Botanical Gardens lately and seen the amount of greenery that’s been replaced by asphalt and concrete?  If you go, I advise wearing earplugs because the noise from the leaf blowers, earth movers, chain-saws, trucks with horrendously loud back-up warning beeps, and other machines and tools have turned it into a construction zone. Nature is decidedly secondary. The amount of concrete being proposed for the renovation of the 9th Avenue entrance to the Park is truly frightening; a concrete extravaganza.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the tenure of Newsom appointees Phil Ginsburg as head of Rec and Park and Mark Buell as head of the Rec and Park Commission, the Recreation has been at the expense of the Park. The  Outside Lands music festival is a prime example; the Park is used as a for-profit, exclusive, entertainment venue and the residents are locked out so the City can get a slice of the money being made.

The massive amounts of concrete and asphalt being poured at the Dog Training Area, along with all the artificial turf, is another example of how Golden Gate Park is being monetized and degraded.  The long term health of the Park, and the planet, is not served by concrete and plastic grass.

David Romano

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