Letter to the Editor: SF Natives Create Dark Comedy Videos


The Shelter is a dark-comedy following the life of one lone man quarantining with shelter-in-place amid the global pandemic and economic crisis. The Shelter investigates the psychological states ‘Quaran’ encounters along his path while sheltering in place. Quaran is a San Francisco app developer who has lost everything he has worked for as a cause of the pandemic.
The beauty and uniqueness of The Shelter is that it is our belief that it is the front runner and pioneer of productions to come. The Shelter is a socially (SoSilly) distant production. All of the footage is recorded in my apartment. I am the actor/director/cinematographer/director of photography and executive producer. I send all of the footage to Steve Agnos who then edits it and groups it together for a final product. Steve Agnos then sends it to our musical star Patrick Moley who currently lives in Los Angeles and creates original instrumental music to intimately connect scenes. There is no multi person set and we are all creating a production from the comfort and safety of our homes.
It is our belief that we are the first full-scale production revolving around the pandemic.
Steve Agnos, Patrick Moley and myself are all San Francisco natives and alumni of Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory Millenium Class of 2000. I was born and raised in the Sunset District and Pat Moley in the Richmond District.
You may actually recognize Steve’s last name as his father is the former mayor of San Francisco, Art Agnos.
I thought the Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon might find interest in publishing a small article/interview with The Shelter team. Spot lighting not only the production but also San Francisco’s spearheading ingenuity as we were also the first to shelter in place.
We have received a lot of wonderful and praising feedback for our ingenuity and innovation. Primarily in creating an evolutionary and entertaining production amid one of the greatest global catastrophe’s of modern times.
We have secured positions on all platforms but the Facebook platform is generating thousands of views.
The Shelter team hopes you enjoy our production.
Stay Safe and Stay Sane.
Joe Bravo
The Shelter (Instagram): @joebravointheshelter

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