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Letter to the Editor: Vote Out Board Members Who Support Schools’ Name Changes


In response to your article https://sfrichmondreview.com/2020/10/04/sfusd-weighs-renaming-11-sunset-district-schools/#comments:

Vote out those who support this. Local schools can form a private committee with their own resources to change a school’s name, if the community agrees. Sanchez’s and Collins’s diktats waste time and money, often for petty issues, like the Feinstein-named school.

Their blocking alumni’s weighing-in is arrogant and intolerant.This makes us look foolish and has already gone national (e.g., Fox, of course). It hurts Pelosi’s ability to project that she is not trying to lead the House as her constituency acts amidst a pandemic. Every time someone rams through something ideological far to the left of the community-norms, right-wing reactionaries get their wings.

Matt Alexander        www.mattalexandersf.org/contact   Does not support renaming

Nick Rothman          nrothman80@gmail.com                Does not support renaming

Michelle Parker        michdparker@gmail.com               Supports some but not now

Andrew Alston   andrew.alston@alston4sfschools.org   Supports some but not now

Mark Sanchez         MarkSanchez@SFUSD.edu           Supports renaming

Jenny Lam               jennylamforschools@gmail.com    Supports renaming

Paul Kangas            dr8kangas@gmail.com                   Supports renaming some

Alida Fisher    alidafisher@alidafisher.emailnb.com       Would not answer

Kevine Boggess  facebook.com/kevineboggessforschoolboard/   No answer

Genevieve Lawrence   www.genevievelawrence.org/contact     No answer

To view upcoming committee meetings, members of the public can go to this web address:  www.sfusd.edu/connect/get-involved/advisory-councils-committees/school-renaming-advisory-committee.advisory-committee .

Thank you,

Scott Fenton

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  1. Totally opposed to changing names of schools, buildings, everything. The cost is prohibitive! I recall the costs everyone incurred when they changed Army Street to Cesar Chavez Street. Everyone is broke. Money is scarce and the little that is available should be used for worthy causes such as providing free WiFi throughout the City so those being home schooled have access. The committee was never given the right, purpose, instruction, challenge or directive to change the names of the schools.


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