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  1. No on Alexander. This board has been overreaching their responsibilities by trying to ram through changes to 39 school names.

    We have many more important issues facing education right now rather than wasting time, energy, and money on renaming schools.

    Repair broken and dangerous facilities first. Have free WiFi and computers for homebound students who can’t afford them. Train your teachers how to best teach in their new limited capacity online and give them the resources they need. Invest in special education.

    Do your job instead of creating tempest in a teapot.


  2. Please strike my last comment. I got confused between who was on the SFUSD Board is vs the Board of Education. Apologies to Mark who was not part of the name changing scheme.


    • I agree. Please list which candidates have come out against this idiocy.

      I’m voting for whomever opposes Mark Sanchez’s and Alison Collins’s support of school renaming. This kind of nonsense is embarrassing; watching on the local NBC affiliate talk about her work on this was deeply cringe-inducing. They may be fine board members otherwise, but this is such a failure of priorities. It’s what makes San Francisco a laughingstock around the nation.


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