Police Blotter

Police Blotter – Richmond District

Robbery of Commercial Establishment with Force: 700 Block of Clement Street, Aug. 17, 5:40 p.m.

A store employee observed the suspect walk around the store and place several items in his bag. The employee confronted the suspect as he walked out of the store without paying for the concealed items. 

When confronted, the suspect threatened to pepper spray the employee. Officers arrived and arrested the suspect.

A records check revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant out of San Mateo County for a similar offense and active probation out of San Mateo County, also for a similar offense.

An arrest search of the suspect located suspected methamphetamine, suspected drug paraphernalia and pepper spray.

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

DUI Collision: 10th Avenue and Lake Street, Aug. 22, 4 p.m.

Officers responded to a collision of a vehicle into a parked car.

Officers observed the driver exhibiting objective signs of intoxication and located an open container in the vehicle. 

Two juvenile passengers in the vehicle were unharmed.

Administration of a field breathalyzer test revealed the driver had a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Commercial Robbery: 5200 Block of Geary Boulevard, Aug. 25, 10:35 a.m.

The suspect walked into the store and asked an employee to open a locked case to purchase items inside. When the case was opened, the suspect yelled, “Give me the keys or I will slit your (expletive) throat!”

The employee feared for their safety and ran away. The suspect then grabbed the keys and fled the store.

The suspect is still outstanding and is described as a Black male, 25-35 years old, wearing a camo hat, blue mask, black jacket, black jeans and tan shoes.

Stolen Vehicle: 22nd Avenue and Cabrillo Street, Aug. 25, 4:40 p.m. 

Officers received information regarding a known suspect and a possibly stolen Acura. A records check revealed the Acura was stolen. 

Officers canvassed the area and located the vehicle legally parked. Officers located video nearby showing the suspect parking and exiting the vehicle.

Officers set up surveillance and arrested the suspect as he exited his residence a short while later. An arrest search of the suspect located suspected methamphetamine and a set of shaved keys (filed-down keys commonly used to start stolen vehicles).

A records check revealed the suspect was out on bail for two separate arrests involving stolen vehicles.

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Vehicle Burglary: 600 Block of 10th Avenue, Sept. 2, 5 a.m.

An alert neighbor heard the sound of breaking glass and saw the suspect walking away from his neighbor’s vehicle with a large red bag. 

The neighbor inspected the car and saw the window was smashed out. The neighbor called police and kept an eye on the suspect until he was detained by responding officers. 

The owner of the vehicle confirmed the red bag was stolen from his vehicle and contained his work tools. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Aggravated Assault with a Gun: Great Highway and Fulton Street, Sept. 6, 11 p.m.

Officers responded to Ocean Beach regarding a shooting and located the victim on the beach suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 

Officers immediately rendered aid and requested an ambulance. While trying to get information from the victim regarding possible suspects and their whereabouts, the victim refused to cooperate and did not provide information to the police. 

A witness stated they saw suspect one in an argument with the victim and then heard several gunshots. Suspect one then fled the scene with an accomplice, suspect two.

 A search of the area for the suspects produced negative results. Multiple fired shell casings were located at the scene. 

Both suspects are still outstanding. 

Outstanding Warrant, Resisting Arrest: Geary Boulevard and Lyon Street, Sept. 9, noon.

Multiple witnesses called 911 stating they saw a suspect trying to open vehicle doors and possibly carrying a knife. An officer arrived and located the suspect. 

The officer gave lawful orders for the subject to show his hands and told him that he was being detained.

The subject refused to comply. The officer issued several more commands to no avail. 

The officer then got into a struggle with the suspect, who actively resisted apprehension. The officer sustained an injury. Additional units arrived, and the suspect was then taken into custody.

A records check revealed the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant for a parole violation.

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Attempted Robbery with a Gun: 5100 Block of Geary Boulevard, Sept. 13, 12:53 a.m.

Suspect one entered the store to make a purchase. When the employee (the victim) asked for ID, suspect one called him a (expletive) and stormed out of the store.

Suspect two then entered the store. The victim again asked for ID to which suspect two replied by calling the victim foul names. Suspect two then stated he had a gun and to give him all the money. 

The victim, not believing the suspect had a gun, told suspect two to get out of the store. Suspect two then pulled a firearm from his waist band and pointed it at the victim as he walked out of the store.

Both suspects are still outstanding.

Sexual Battery

Several sexual battery incidents have been reported by multiple victims in the Laurel Heights Neighborhood. 

Two incidents occurred at Lyon and Pine streets, and one occurred at Lyon Street and Pacific Avenue. 

Two victims stated they were “slapped on the buttocks” and one victim was “groped all over.” Each incident occurred in the evening, between 6 and 10 p.m., and the suspect approached from behind. 

The suspect(s) has been described as an unknown race male, possible juvenile or older, wearing a dark-colored hoodie with the hood up, face mask and dark clothing.

Police are aware of Nextdoor posts regarding this open and active investigation.

The cases have been assigned to Sgt. Shawn Mendez of the Special Victims Unit. Please call (415) 553-9225 if you have further information.

If you are the victim of a similar crime, and have not reported it yet, SFPD requests you to call (415) 553-0123, to file a report. Alternatively, reports can be made at any district station.

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