Letter to the Editor: Families for San Francisco – New Political Group


I’m writing to tell you about a new SF political club/organization: Families for San Francisco.

Our mission is to organize families and committed residents of San Francisco into a collective political voice. We aim to provide information about San Francisco issues and candidates.

We have recently published voter guides for the upcoming election here: https://familiesforsanfrancisco.com/Voter-Guide/. We plan to publish slate recommendations in early October. Please sign up on our website familiesforsf.com  to get notified. We would love to have the Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon link to our voter guides and also feature our events. Last week we had an in-depth Zoom conversation sequentially with Connie Chan and Marjan Philhour. We have similar events coming up soon with the D7 Supervisor candidates (maybe less interesting to you) and also the Board of Ed candidates.

Links to Voter Guides:

All: https://familiesforsanfrancisco.com/Voter-Guide/

Board of Supervisors

Board of Education

Ballot Measures

Links to Videos of Interviews:

All: https://vimeo.com/familiesforsf

Board of Education

D1 Supervisor

D7 Supervisor

Thank you,

Patrick Wolff

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