Candidate for District 1 Supervisor: Veronica Shinzato

D1 Shinzato head shot RR 10-20

I am your neighbor, running to represent you on the Board of Supervisors. At a time when so many Richmond families and small businesses are being squeezed by this pandemic, I am running to ensure that you have a voice at City Hall. The stakes are too high for us to go back to politics as usual. 

The fact is, this race is personal to me. This City gave me and my Okinawan-Peruvian immigrant family a second chance. Today, I am a working single mom, raising my two boys in the same district where I was raised. Here’s the thing: I believe that if you want to live in San Francisco, you should be able to. 

For many of us who grew up here, we know Joe’s Ice Cream was originally on the corner of 18th and Geary. We watched Star Wars at the Coronet or a good movie at Alexandria. While a student at the Alamo, Presidio and GWHS, I remember walking to and from school everyday. Today, because of the high cost of living in San Francisco many of my friends and neighbors have moved from San Francisco — and more are considering leaving. 

I have dedicated my life and career for the last two decades to working in local and state government, as a community and a taxpayer’s advocate. I believe that the government can be a force for good. But unfortunately, our politics are so broken and out of touch with the struggles of so many San Franciscans. 

Make no mistake: we cannot tax our way out of this pandemic when so many are already stretched thin and worried about their ability to pay this month’s bills. 

As your supervisor, I will legislate based on what’s best for you and your families, and not what’s politically popular. Here are my priorities:

First, we have to rebuild an economy that works for all. We need to extend financial relief to property owners and rental assistance to those affected by COVID-19 — including essential workers, independent contractors, and immigrant families — and invest in building more infrastructure while streamlining any duplicative programs or services to address redlines on our budget. 

Second, we need to address our housing deficit and homelessness epidemic with increased urgency. We often talk about “affordability,” but affordable for whom? We need to start re-thinking affordability, not just in the context of the real estate market, but in the context of the average purchasing power of regular San Franciscans. The fact is more than 19,000 Richmond families, myself included, spend at least 30% of their income on housing. This is simply unacceptable. We need to think outside the box and unlock our resources — including low-cost housing alternatives, such as homesharing and co-ops — and reevaluate our BMR lottery process to prioritize those with the most urgent housing needs.

Today, we also have a growing homelessness epidemic. This is a public health crisis, and therefore, must be treated as such by housing the unhoused and investing in wrap-around services. I applaud Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent efforts to address homelessness. But long term, we need to end our foster youth system-to-streets pipeline and improve our data collection to account for those who are on the verge of homelessness – “couch surfers,” artists, musicians and low-income students. 

Finally, we need increased collaboration between our law enforcement and district attorney to bring accountability and build a safer San Francisco. We are witnessing a rise in burglaries and hate crimes against Asian-Americans. (I, myself, was the victim of a car break-in a few weeks ago.) We need to send a message, loud and clear, to bad actors eager to exploit this pandemic that property theft and hate crimes have no room in the Richmond. 

If you are tired of politics as usual, join our people-powered, corporate-money-free campaign. Whether you are a progressive, moderate, Republican or Independent, you have a home in our movement. 

For more information, please visit www.veronicashinzato.com.

Link to list of candidates HERE.

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  1. Lovely and aspirational, but with no actual plans.

    “I am running to ensure that you have a voice at City Hall. The stakes are too high for us to go back to politics as usual.”

    I think that sentence must be a requirement for all supervisor candidates. They all say it. Which is to say, without any concrete policy proposals, this is politics as usual.


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