Candidate for District 1 Supervisor: Marjan Philhour

D1 Philhour Headshot

I was born in the Richmond, and now my husband Byron and I are raising our three kids in the neighborhood. I’m running for supervisor because for too long, elected officials have allowed the challenges facing our neighborhood to continue and worsen. We can’t afford four more years of inaction.

The devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for competent, hands-on leadership at the Board of Supervisors. I am running to bring new energy and a commitment to our neighborhoods to the Board. 

Our City needs strong, effective, and experienced leadership to guide us through this pandemic. We must bring our neighborhood together to ensure that none of us is left behind in our recovery. If I am lucky enough to be elected, I will be a supervisor for all of our residents. Whether you supported me or not, my door will always be open because the challenges we face are too important for us to be divided as a community. 

As supervisor, I will focus on addressing homelessness in our community, helping small businesses survive and recover from the pandemic, and maintaining safe and clean streets for our residents.

The rise in homelessness and public drug use in our neighborhoods cannot continue. We must address our housing shortage that increases homelessness, prevent evictions by stabilizing tenants, and treat mental illness by strengthening our conservatorship laws and offering comprehensive wraparound services to those who need it.

We have to meet the immediate needs of our homeless population by creating Safe Sleeping Sites and acquiring more beds, shelters and drug treatment options. But most of all, the Richmond needs a supervisor who will wake up every day and work to make real progress on this issue, not pass the buck or blame others.

 I have more than 30 years of experience in government, business and community advocacy. Two years ago, my sister and I opened our family business on Balboa Street and now, like so many other small businesses, our future is uncertain. In San Francisco, it’s estimated that we’re currently losing 10% of our small businesses every month, and more than 17,000 residents filed for unemployment from the middle of March through June. 

As supervisor, I will advocate for small businesses and employees, with a focus on supporting our city’s economic recovery. The long, onerous process of opening a small business in San Francisco results in small business owners paying thousands of dollars in rent before they can even open. Many are stalled or defeated by our bureaucracy before they ever have a chance to start operating. Others face months – sometimes years – of permits and appeals just to receive approval to make small changes to how they operate. This was a problem before the pandemic. Now it is a matter of survival for countless businesses we know and love in our community.

Finally, we need to make our streets more friendly for residents and families. I will prioritize more street cleanings in our merchant corridors, as well as more secure “BigBelly” trash cans. I’ll work with the community to implement public safety improvements throughout the district. And I will work closely with our local police captain and precinct to address the rise in property crimes throughout the Richmond.

We have a lot of work to do, but I look forward to working with all of you to ensure that our neighborhood and our city emerge from this pandemic even stronger than we were before.

For more information, visit VoteMarjan.com, email info@votemarjan.com or call (415) 889-2735.

Link to list of candidates HERE.

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