Candidate for District 1 Supervisor: Connie Chan

D1 Chan headshot.

I remember the first time I saw San Francisco. I was 13 years old arriving in the city with my family. My mother brought my brother and me here to give us a new start. 

To us, San Francisco represented hope and new possibilities. 

When my partner Ed’s Italian immigrant family arrived from New York City, he was just 6 months old. But when his working class family arrived, they felt the same way. 

Even before the pandemic, I worried that families like mine and Ed’s were getting priced out and moved out of the city. Small businesses that operated for generations worried they couldn’t keep their doors open. 

Then the pandemic hit and the problems got worse. 

I’m running for supervisor because I believe we need to do more to help our immigrant and working families, our students and seniors, and everyone who loves San Francisco. With COVID-19, it’s more important than ever we protect our Richmond District neighborhood against government corruption and special interests. 

Back in April, I put forward a plan to give the Richmond District a new start. It begins with helping our families and small businesses right now. We must provide rental and mortgage assistance to tenants and homeowners who have lost income due to the pandemic. We need to dedicate city resources for small businesses to access state and federal programs, and expand the commercial eviction moratorium so our small businesses can stay open.

And we need to protect our wage workers – those essential workers who kept San Francisco running during the shutdown – with better wages and safer working conditions. For those who have lost a job, we can provide free job training through City College to help them change careers, just as my mom did nearly 30 years ago.

However, our recovery must bridge the existing income divide. We must preserve and build 100% affordable housing – housing for our low- and middle-income families – including expanding small sites acquisitions to stabilize rent for tenants and provide help for first-time homeowners. 

We also must ensure the Richmond District receives its fair share of city efforts to reduce homelessness without pitting our housed and unhoused residents against each other. I know we can do better. Let’s hold our mayor and City Hall accountable to provide coordinated city services and reduce wasteful spending. 

I’m proud to have worked for the last 15 years to help San Franciscans: in the district attorney’s office and SF SAFE, as a legislative aide to the Board of Supervisors, and at City College and Recreation and Parks Department. And I’m proud to have been endorsed by U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, former State Sen. Mark Leno, Assemblymember Phil Ting, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, the San Francisco Democratic Party, the California Nurses Association, Sierra Club, United Educators of San Francisco and so many Richmond District community leaders and organizations who support my values and vision for our district.

I’ve seen how policies created by City Hall impact the lives of everyday San Franciscans – and I know how we can do a better job. This is why I strongly believe in measures to bring greater accountability and transparency to City Hall. As we recover, I want to be a voice for the Richmond District, to make sure we will not be displaced by greedy corporations. 

Ed is a San Francisco firefighter and our son, Edo, is a public school student at Lafayette Elementary. We are invested in the Richmond District and our neighbors. We want to make sure that our communities not only survive this hard period but thrive. I hope Edo and his friends will too see San Francisco as that city of hope and possibility. 

I’m asking for your vote on Nov. 3 for a new start for us all. 

For more information, please visit ConnieChanSF.com, email us at Connie@ConnieChanSF.com or call (415) 545-8706.

Link to list of candidates HERE.

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