letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Quentin Kopp


I am responding to Nancy DeStefanis’ observation in the September Richmond Review. She opines that Quentin Kopp’s monthly column does not “reflect S.F. today.”

Today’s identity politics in San Francisco is manifested in a bloated, physically irresponsible bureaucracy. This has been a disservice to the forgotten citizens – the taxpayers. We have allowed activist groups to have undue influence in our government affairs, resulting in the voices of many of our citizens not being heard.

Ideologue politicians have initiated measures that have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on programs that have had minimal results. Some of our city’s policies have resulted in filthy and dangerous streets. I believe Mr. Kopp is cognizant of these issues in today’s San Francisco.

Ms. DeStefanis accuses Mr. Kopp of returning to McCarthyism because he notes the influences of left-wing politics in our education systems. The board of education initially voted to destroy murals with historic and artistic significance at George Washington High School. They justified their radicalism in the thinly veiled guise of protecting the students. The Community College Board has embraced the works of widely debunked far left revisionist historian Howard Zinn. These stands indicate a strident left-wing agenda.

I’m a third generation San Franciscan who loves this city. However, I have serious concerns about its future if we continue on our current path. I believe Quentin Kopp’s column reflects S.F. today. Also, I believe his column resonates with many moderate, reasonable San Franciscans who are dismayed by how our city is run.

Paul Slade

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