letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Seek Out New Perspectives


I was disheartened to read Quentin Kopp’s column in the August issue. I have felt so grateful for the warmth of our community and hoped that, after months of a national reckoning following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and others, my fellow residents would feel compelled to, at the very least, explore a wider conversation about race and policing in our city.

I urge our editors to incorporate new voices into the discussion surrounding police violence in our City and in our nation. I don’t disagree that Kopp has an insightful historical perspective, and that his political recommendations are welcome to some. But there is a much broader range of thought that we could incorporate surrounding the discussion of police funding, so as to at least bring new ideas into view.

This issue cuts to the core for many of us. There is possibly no issue more divisive than race in this country. One would hope that, in an effort to make our community more caring, people would be seeking out new perspectives and trying to get out of their stuck views. The best way to facilitate this as a local paper is with the incorporation of new ideas.

Eisa Al-Shamma, Sunset Resident

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