letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor – See All Sides

It amazes me that a city of well-educated residents, such as San Francisco, would not take the trouble to catch the bias, not to mention the inaccuracies, in presentations such as were given in September’s Letter to the Editor, concerning Quentin Kopp.   Let us start first with the inaccuracies:
Concerning the “use of space,” which DeStefanis complains about as “devoting 2/3rds of a page” to Quentin Kopp’s Commentary, by my measuring ruler, the space used was 50% of the newspaper page.  Further, DeStefanis’ claims of what would be on a Republican platform do not apply here, since Kopp made it clear that he is not recommending any presidential candidate nor any directly party-related issues, further, that he is currently registered as an Independent. Being registered as Independent is exactly an option that frees a person from adhering to any party platform. This means Kopp is free to view and discuss issues from all sides and speak his own mind.
In the succinct expression of his recommendations on the SF Propositions, I would have liked to see more elaboration, but certainly in the interest of space considerations, clear and concise statements were used with best editorial sense. I myself may not agree with 100% of the recommendations, but in what I see at a glance, and compare with the SF Taxpayers Association’s close overlap, recommending the same way of voting on the Propositions, I would say that the large part of what Quentin Kopp and SF Taxpayers say make good common sense. Further, wouldn’t it make good common sense to look at the actual issues for what they are and try to foresee its effects on us all, now and in the future?  It is this that is the duty of the voter.
We must thus make use of our proper resources, educationally, and to educate ourselves further to see all sides of a question, rather than pound one-sidedness and inaccuracies into people’s minds. In addition, a person of the stature of Quentin Kopp, in his late career a judge, whether one agrees fully or not, should be respected. Please argue correctly, and consider your vote fairly.
L. Krouzian, SF Native and Resident

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