letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: We Want the Old SF Back


In response to Nancy DeStefanis letter to you. San Franciscans see a different SF today and want the prior SF back. The one with clean streets, less crime, good neighbors, and honest officials that care about their constituents.

Danny Seibert
Former San Franciscan

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  1. Dear Editor,
    I love the controversy that has arisen from Quentin Kopp’s column. Just what a newspaper is supposed to do, have readers THINK and react and participate in a discussion together. It is refreshing to see. The reactions indicate some folks would rather everyone think the same way as they do and they are not open to conflicting ideas. You have offered an outlet for such folks to think “outside the box”. Whether you know about Kopp’s years of public service or not, you might respect him as an “Elder” in the community who has been around and knows quite a bit about the machinations of S.F. politics and, perhaps with an open mind, you can learn something.


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