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Letter to the Editor – More on Kopp’s Column


I’m having trouble figuring out why the Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon continues to devote 33 column inches to Mr. Kopp’s monthly “Commentary” (see the September issues).

What I’ve learned so far – he mightily approves of the San Francisco Police Officer’s Assn., but doesn’t like candidates who won’t accept POA donations, disapproves of “left wing-teachers,” and rejects 16-year-olds being given the right to vote in city elections. The 16-year-olds that I know are well informed and aware of what is happening in their city and country.

Mr. Kopp accepted an appointment to the SF Ethics Commission recently and quit soon after claiming it was a waste of time. I have to wonder what he considers a good use of his time (besides writing his column).

Now we know: he is the co-founder, along with Tom Campbell, of a new statewide political party, the Common Sense Party (see S.F. Chronicle, Sept. 10, 2020).

Oh, brother. Just what we need: two old-time Republican retreads forming a new party because they know better. Their website lists “Our People” and their advisors. Number one is Ajit, a sophomore at Monte Vista High School in Cupertino. If Ajit is 16, Mr. Kopp would not allow him to vote in San Francisco or for that matter in California. Yet he is old enough to serve as First Advisor for the Common Sense Party! Seems hypocritical to me.

Of course I’m wondering when Mr. Kopp planned to disclose his new role in his column in the interests of transparency. Perhaps this is also a conflict of interest. Besides, I can’t imagine the NY Times printing an opinion column without disclosing the writer is forming a new political party!!!

My primary concern is that while our city, state and country experience tremendous challenges- almost 200,000 people dead from the pandemic, creating a humane system of policing, finding funds for public schools and infrastructure, and cities and states suffering huge deficits- none of these issues appear in Mr. Kopp’s column. These are all local issues.

It would seem like common sense for the Sunset Beacon and Richmond Review to recruit a writer, who is not the co-founder of a new statewide political party, and who has compassion and concern for ALL the people in this City. A sense of humor would also help. Mr. Kopp would be free to devote his time to qualifying the Common Sense party for the CA ballot and maybe even developing a party platform.

Nancy DeStefanis
Richmond District resident

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  1. Very much enjoy Quentin Kopp’s column; it is thoughtful and very well informed . Ms. DeStefanis rant epitomizes the outrageous tantrums typical of San Francisco “progressives” today. She simply will not tolerate any political takes that don’t mirror her own. San Francisco is home to many, moderate voices and Quentin Kopp’s eloquence speaks well for all of us. Thanks


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