letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor – A Fan of Quentin Kopp


I am writing to encourage the Sunset Beacon to continue Mr. Kopp as a columnist.

Mr. Kopp has decades of experience in SF and California politics and an impeccable reputation.  He is probably the most respected political veteran in San Francisco. His years of experience allow him to present a historical perspective second to none. 

Many of us are tired of the excesses in both City and State government.  SF’s budget is more than $12 billion dollars and probably has more than 25,000 employees; the City surely needs to implement greater fiscal responsibility.  Look at the November ballot; SF already has 123 commissions and now (despite the large deficit) wants to add two more at a cost of an additional $20 million per year.  

I am over 80 years of age and share Mr. Kopp’s conservative point of view and interest in fiscal responsibility in SF and California. I believe that many other seniors enjoy his knowledge and perspective. We certainly represent a large proportion of Sunset/Parkside voters and Sunset Beacon readers.  

Ms. DeStefanis complains (in last month’s issue of the Sunset Beacon) about his right wing musings; I feel the same way about the left wing rantings by Ting and Mar. Maybe you should rotate their columns also. I recommend that she read the SF Chronicle and/or Examiner if she wants more mainstream reporting.

Thank you for the good work you do; I read the Beacon every month and always look forward to Mr. Kopp’s’ “ musings”.

Rich McGuire

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