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Letter to the Editor – Keep Kopp


I would like to provide a countering perspective to the letter submitted by Nancy DeStefanis in criticism of Quentin Kopp’s column.

His columns lend a history lesson that I find insightful. He’s been involved in California politics and history so that what he writes about takes an informed point of view and is always insightful. Just because Ms. DeStefanis doesn’t like his point of view, or thinks he should write about something else, does not make it worth removing him from a platform so he can share those.

Ms. DeStefanis asks: “Is it too much to ask for a writer more in the mainstream? How about rotating columnists who reflect SF today.”  We actually need more balanced reporting from the current progressive left that dominates in San Francisco. There are many moderates who live in the city that would welcome a balanced point of view and perspective on policies. Unfortunately, writers like Ms. DeStefanis use inflammatory language to insult and shut down any countering points of view and get the press in SF to believe that there only one perspective. Silencing moderates does not mean they aren’t living in the city.

I could share a list of the columnists in your publication that I disagree with and find insulting to my perspectives. However, I value the constitutional right they have to openly express their points of view and only hope that you will continue to provide Mr. Kopp the same opportunity and even add to your collection of writers some level of intelligent, insightful, and balanced perspectives. It’s time Ms. DeStefanis learns to talk with, and not at, the people she disagrees with. Please do not apply her myopic filter and start to censor writers.

Thank you.

Diane Sargent

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  1. Ms. DeStefanis was polite, reasonable in her concerns and insulted no one, unlike your actually inflammatory and insulting letter. Ms. DeStefanis doesn’t advocate silencing anyone but your confrontational and arrogant letter does a disservice to moderates. It is threatening and not at all polite. “It’s time Ms. DeStefanis learns …” As if Ms. DeStefanis had no right to express her opinion. I think it’s time you learned what civil discourse is about instead of issuing accusatory broadsides. By the way, If I may be allowed to say so, Quentin Kopp is out of touch and, most of the time, rambling; and I quite agree with Ms. DeStefanis’s assessment.


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