Letter to the Editor – Noisy N-Judah


I’ve been living on Judah Street near 21st Avenue since 1987. During this time I have become accustomed to the constant “white” noise of the N-Judah streetcar going by, with a stop directly across the street from my apartment. That is, until the new Siemans equipment arrived, along with their excruciatingly loud “ADA” PA systems (since added to the Brita fleet) and horrid clacking “bells,” which (for the first time EVER) is audible in my rear bedroom, starting at 5:30 in the morning.

The atrocious noise was made even more apparent since buses have replaced the streetcars…something that’s never happened in the 32 years of living here. The buses are SO much quieter. Not once has the PA announcements been loud enough to hear in the rear bedroom, nor do they incessantly ring the disturbing clacking bell.

Have called 311 many, many times to complain about the loud PA system announcements while taking Muni, and emailed Jeffrey Tumlin (SFMTA director of transportation), Julie Kirschbaum (SFMTA director of transit), Mayor London Breed and my district supervisor to voice my grievances about the habitually and brutally loud Siemans/Brita fleet, without results. It’s utterly ludicrous that PA volumes on this equipment can’t be turned down. Having ridden numerous metro systems throughout the European continent, not one was so obnoxious.

Given that Muni seems unwilling to address this issue, I’m reaching out to you for any guidance on what other actions I may take, or to broaden my voice in a potential article. Certainly other residents are suffering as well, especially those with bedrooms facing the street. Meanwhile, video recordings have been made of the buses at my stop, to compare with the Siemans/Brita equipment once those horrors are aback on-line.

I urge anyone else impacted by the egregiously loud noise form Muni’s PA system – both inside their homes or while riding on Muni – to please let your voices be heard by sending emails to:

Julie Kirschbaum, SMTA Director of Transit,
Jeffrey Tumlin, SMTA Director of Transportation,
Gordon Mar, SF District 4 Supervisor,
Mayor London Breed,

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eric Poelzl

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