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City Hall – Sandra Lee Fewer

Dear Neighbors,

I hope everyone is staying cool and safe from COVID-19, the elevated heat and the smoky air! 

August has been a busy month for me, full of all-day Budget Committee hearings. As the chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, I have been working hard to lead a fair and transparent budget process with all virtual meetings. We are currently working to identify waste and inefficiencies in our City departments that can be cut and redirected toward community needs and priorities. This is especially important due to the fact that our City is facing a $1.5 billion shortfall due COVID-19. In September I will share the results of this Budget process and the impact it will have on the Richmond.

Hot Weather/Air Quality Update

Wildfire smoke is in San Francisco due to multiple fires in the Bay Area. In some cases, you may see ash. To track air quality levels, visit For air quality health and safety tips, visit

Last week the California Independent System Operator (ISO) issued a statewide Flex Alert, a call for voluntary electricity conservation. The persistent, record-breaking heat wave in California and other western states has caused a strain on supplies.

Even during heat waves, we must continue to protect ourselves and our community from COVID-19. Stay home when possible. If it feels too hot in your home, seek cooler temperatures while keeping at least six feet away from people not in your household. Call neighbors, friends, and relatives, especially older adults and those with disabilities and access and functional needs. Check for more information that also is translated.


Master Resources Site

My office has been sharing a lot of information with an array of announcements impacting our families, our elders, small businesses and our neighborhood. In an effort to centralize community resources, we have created a District 1 COVID-19 Master Resource List. If you are in need of any community/city resources or are interested volunteering, please visit this site at

Up-to-date information about COVID-19 and San Francisco’s guidance, news and services are also available:

Virtual Town Halls

Thank you to everyone who has been attending the virtual Town Halls that I’ve been hosting on Zoom and Facebook Live during shelter in place. These Town Halls have covered many topics including public health, homelessness, transportation and mobility, planning and housing, and most recently education and distance learning. You can see the recordings of all these Town Halls on my Facebook Page:

Stay tuned for more!

Transportation Updates

The California Street Safety Project is complete! Thank you to all our neighbors and families from St. James Preschool and Peabody and Sutro who gave feedback on the project. Earlier this year, several safety elements for pedestrians were installed, including daylighting, red-painted curbs at intersection approaches to improve visibility for all road users, higher visibility zebra-striped continental crosswalks and updated pavement markings. Learn more:  

The Fulton Street Traffic Safety Project, from Stanyan to La Playa, will greatly improve safety for residents crossing Fulton by walking, biking or by commute. Thank you for the robust input from our residents to help strengthen accessibility and traffic safety on this high-injury corridor. Learn more about the safety elements at:  

Finally, I am delighted to share that we will be beginning outreach on bike improvements for the Anza corridor. Anza Street is a key thoroughfare in the Richmond District and I hope we can strengthen this as an additional east-west bike route in the neighborhood. 

Pop Up Pantry at Golden Gate Park Senior Center

A new pop-up food pantry is available at the Golden Gate Park Senior Center (6101 Fulton St.) every Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thank you to the SF-Marin Food Bank and The Richmond Neighborhood Center for the partnership in making this pantry possible. Registration is required. Bring an ID, if possible, to register at location. 

Pop-up pantries are also available at Roosevelt Middle School (155 Palm Ave.) every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Kezar Stadium (670 Kezar Dr. – registration not required) every Wednesday, from noon to 4 p.m. More information is available at

Distance Learning FAQs

The Fall semester is underway and the school district is providing distance learning to all our students. The Family Distance Learning Guide highlights key topics and expectations around distance learning. I have included some critical information from the guide in this FAQ below and encourage you to read the full guide at

What will Fall Distance Learning look like?

Distance Learning will have two approaches: digital (device required) and non-digital (print-based and not device dependent).

There are two forms of learning in which students may engage during the fall: 

• Synchronous Instruction/Learning* – a learning event in which students are engaging in learning with an educator at the same time, usually on the computer or telephone. Teachers will provide no less than 120 minutes of synchronous instruction, daily in grades TK-12. 

• Asynchronous Instruction/Learning – learning occurring when the teacher and the students interact in different places and during different times. This may be through a prerecorded video, web-based lessons, or a series of self-paced assignments and projects.

How will my child(ren) get materials for school? 

Instructional materials (including devices, texts and other instructional materials) are being distributed directly from the school site. School sites are communicating their distribution dates to their school communities directly.  

What is my child’s schedule? What if I have multiple students in SFUSD?

– School sites are sharing their specific schedule with families this week. The majority of our schools will begin at 9 a.m, each day. 

– California state law requires all students to have a minimum amount of instructional minutes per day. These minutes may include a combination of live instruction, and other in-person interactions, independent work, homework assignments, and/or assessments. 

What can I expect on the first day and month of school? 

• Instruction: As with any school year, the start of the year is focused on connection, building community and relationships, and getting oriented to school schedules, expectations and norms. 

• Technology and other materials: Within the first 30 days all schools will assess and check in around access (confirming that students have the materials needed to engage in distance learning). Sites will host distribution days to distribute devices and other instructional materials (including books, packets, etc.). School sites will communicate information around these days directly with families. 

• Health, Wellness and Community: Within the first 30 days of school, each school community will engage in wellness checks and host virtual back-to-school and orientation sessions.

• Technology supports are available for students and families.

Stay safe and take care of each other, neighbors. That’s a One Richmond thing we can all do right now.

San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer represents District 1. She can be reached at (415) 554-7410 or

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