SOAR Shares ‘Voter Information Summary’ on D1 Supervisor Candidates


I’m writing on behalf of SOAR (Save Our Amazing Richmond) D1. Attached is the voter education summary that is the culmination of the months of research, interviews, and candidate forums. This was shared publicly this past week with the supervisor candidates and is on SOAR’s online presence.  (

Just a refresher that SOAR was started organically by neighbors in February of this year, and has grown to more than 300 members in just a few short months.  It’s the biggest (and only) non-partisan and non-politically-affiliated neighborhood group in the Richmond District.  Anyone is free to join and our membership is very diverse and representative of the neighborhood.  (Renters, owners, liberals, moderates, students, retirees, families, immigrants, all ethnicities).  Although it sounds cliche’, SOAR is truly democracy in action. 

Members of traditionally partisan political groups have tried to paint us as right-wing, biased, and unfair (mostly because we’re bucking and overshadowing their established political machinery)  But, as you can easily learn from watching our many online forum videos, we’re focused not on partisan politics. Rather we’re focused on positive, practical, pragmatic solutions to the problems that residents care most about: Homelessness, Public Safety, and Small Business, our neighborhood’s lifeblood. A SOAR member even organized more than 50 neighbors to coordinate the disbanding of the 18th Avenue (Alexandria Theater) homeless encampment in spite of Sandra Fewer’s months-long insistence that nothing could be done.

The attached scorecard for D1 supervisor candidates reflects neighbors’ priorities, fairness, and transparency – all core principles of SOAR.  That’s why we’re not calling it an endorsement. We’re calling it voter education recommendations. Unlike the many established, exclusive political clubs with shadowy, eyebrow-raising histories and influencers from across the city, what sets SOAR apart is that we’re purely residents and we’re willing to listen to everyone’s ideas.

If you’d like more info on SOAR and its rapid success as a voice in the neighborhood, we’re happy to connect.

Mark Dietrich, resident and SOAR member

For more information, visit

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  1. I wonder if SOAR will become a model for future community engagement, given how folks want to be engaged in their community but are turned off by partisan politics. Are there similar groups in the other neighborhoods?


  2. From SOAR’s Values Statement:
    • We believe in safe, clean streets for all our neighbors.
    • We believe that preserving and expanding our unique, culturally diverse, family-oriented and small-business forward neighborhood is essential for it’s health and future.


  3. These graphics make no sense. Where is the explanation and the breakdown? Why are those the only issues scored? It just looks like a shady piece of fake results to me.


  4. Hi Joanne and Richmond Review readers. The graphics show reflect the three primary categories used to rank the candidates. This was based on prior surveys asking your Richmond neighbors for their hot button issues. You’ll see pretty much the same issues chatted up on NextDoor. A large part of the raw data for scoring is based on the candidate videos provided on the SOAR-D1.COM web site.

    There are also 2 minute candidate statements on the League of Women Voters web site, but the ones on SOAR-D1.COM are more accurate. This is because during the Zoom forums the candidates were on guard for being challenged by both the other candidates in the forum, plus the SOAR moderators.


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