Press Release: Update on West Portal LK Transfer Project


Thank you for joining us at our Public Hearings for the West Portal LK Transfer Project. Public Hearing video recordings and presentation slides are available now on our project webpage.

Following the rescheduled Public Hearing on July 31, the following temporary street changes have been approved by the City Traffic Engineer and will soon be implemented. These changes support SFMTA’s new rail service plan, which is scheduled to begin on Saturday, August 22, by enabling accessible transfers at West Portal Station.

  • Accessible boarding ramps will be built on Ulloa Street between West Portal Avenue and Wawona Street for the new LK stops.
  • The inbound 48 Quintara and L Owl bus stop and 48 terminal on Ulloa Street at West Portal Avenue will be relocated to the southside of Ulloa Street between West Portal Avenue and Wawona Street. To accommodate this change, two parking spaces, which are towaway zones during AM and PM peak hours, will be removed. In addition, a part-time passenger loading zone will be removed.
  • Since the relocated 48 terminal on Ulloa Street at Wawona Street can only accommodate one bus, a second terminal space will be installed on the north side of Vicente Street at West Portal Avenue, which requires removal of two metered parking spaces. This second terminal space will be used when two 48 buses are laying over at the same time.
  • The outbound L Owl bus stop on Ulloa Street at Lenox Way will be shifted west towards Wawona Street.
  • The space vacated by the inbound 48 Quintara bus in the southeast corner of Ulloa Street will be replaced with a passenger loading zone.
  • The West Portal Library’s white zone will be relocated to Lenox Way, where the green zone is currently, and the existing green zone shifted slightly north.
  • Existing AM Peak no left turn restrictions on Lenox Way southbound at Ulloa Street will be extended to all times of day.
Diagram of street changes near West Portal Station

Note these changes will also be considered by the SFMTA Board for an additional approval action later this Fall. We will keep you updated on this additional opportunity to provide feedback when the date is scheduled.

We look forward to getting feedback from the community on how these temporary changes to Ulloa Street are working following the initial launch. Please share your feedback by contacting us at TellMuni@SFMTA.com or 415.646.2382.

Visit SFMTA.com/LKTransferProject for more details.

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