A Break in the Clouds – July 2020

The people of San Francisco share what has been positive during this global pandemic. Photos by Kevin Kelleher and Emily Trinh. 


“It’s becoming more rare that we get to spend time with our kids as they get older so we really, really appreciate that. Learning how to cook Little Bastard Singapore Noodles has also been a highlight.”

–Bella & John, The Outer Sunset


“Two of my best friends just moved a block away from me and even though we’ve had to be socially distant it’s great knowing they’re there. Somehow, paradoxically we’ve been closer through all this.”

–Ben, Ocean Beach (pictured with his other best friend Luke)

aBreakInTheClouds-Leonard-KemilyVisuals (1)

“Stacking vacation hours for when this is all over. Working from home has been great–I got a new routine getting coffee early at Uncle Benny’s and I like it.”
–Leonard, The Outer Sunset

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Read the Sunset Beacon story: “A Break in the Clouds” 

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