Richmond District

Sponsored: Shoestring Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in San Francisco’s Richmond District

Shoestring Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in San Francisco’s Richmond District

Shoestring Radio Theatre, which has been producing radio shows for 32 years, is not letting COVID-19 get in the way of providing radio drama for fans of the art (and there are many).

We are producing shows remotely while staying at home. Upcoming projects include a day in the life of The Mona Lisa narrated by the grand lady herself as well as a radio interview with the author of the book “Die With Exercise”.

Shoestring Radio Theatre started on the campus of UC Berkeley on KALX radio. We moved over to KUSF in the Richmond District in 1991 and went national in 1993 on the Public Radio Satellite System which is carried by public radio stations around the country.  When USF decided to sell their radio station, we became part of what became KXSF-LP 102.5 FM – San Francisco Community Radio. In addition, listeners can enjoy our plays on our website:

Founding producer Monica Sullivan has always been in love with San Francisco and she has been a Richmond District resident since 1988.  Monica, an avid radio drama fan, has always dreamed of bringing the art of radio drama into the 21st century and that dream has become a reality. Members of the radio drama group enjoy the fact that they don’t have to worry about how they look, they don’t need to memorize lines and they can play characters completely different than they really are. Tune in to to enjoy the show.

8 Year Old Monica

Monica wrote and produced a play a week at age 8. Courtesy photos.

Monica and Eric Idle

Monica with her favorite Monty Python member, Eric Idle. an early inspiration for Shoestring Radio Theatre.

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  1. As a member of the rotating cast, I can testify that Shoestring Radio Theatre has broadened my horizons as an artist and allowed me to play in a field that I normally would have thought of as beyond my reach. We’re quite a cast of characters and that comes in handy when you need an extra voice or two for a small extra part.

    If you’ve ever enjoyed an old time radio drama with coconut shells clip-clopping the thundering hooves of a galloping horse, you’ll love the way a Shoestring Radio Theatre play takes you on a wild ride into the realm of imagination.

    Steven Kacsmar


    • In the seven years I’ve been a cast member with Shoestring, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about radio acting and a little about directing, too. Monica an Steve find and produce play after play after play, posting a new program each week. You’ll find historical sagas, mysteries, sci-fi, comedies, and dramas by writers from all over the country and beyond-fun for all.

      From the perspective of an SF native, Shoestring is a San Francisco tradition in the truest sense.


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