Two Lowell High School Juniors Work to Help the Homeless

Two San Francisco High Schoolers Launch Health For Homeless Donation Campaign

Local Juice Company and Co-Sponsor Happy Moose Juice Pledges 8,000+ Bottles of Juice

Katherine Fu and Amy Sullivan, two juniors at Lowell High School, are partnering with Happy Moose Juice to provide better hygiene and nutrition to San Francisco’s homeless population during COVID-19. United by their shared passion for community, they launched the Juice for Joy campaign to donate 8,000 bottles of fresh, cold-pressed juice and 8,000 bars of soap to the city’s most vulnerable residents. Juice for Joy’s mission is to promote the wellbeing of the homeless, spread awareness about the increased risks faced by the homeless during the coronavirus, and show the homeless that they are cared for by the community.

“As San Francisco natives we have grown to appreciate the beautiful beaches and the city lifestyle, but more importantly, the residents that make our city so unique,” said Fu and Sullivan.

“We were both raised to give back to the community, and were inspired by the work of the incredible homeless shelters and social service organizations in San Francisco in response to the coronavirus,” they said.

Instead of studying for the SATs, having fun at school clubs, or choosing dresses for Junior Prom as they were planning before the coronavirus pandemic, Fu and Sullivan founded Health for Homeless to provide hygienic products for the homeless in San Francisco. So far, they have successfully donated 1,000 bars of soap, 10 gallons of liquid soap, and 480 sanitary napkins to numerous homeless shelters and social service organizations in the city.

“Getting to work with incredibly kind and genuine people inspired us to expand our initiative to donate more than hygienic goods,” said Fu and Sullivan. Realizing that nutrition is as integral to an individual’s health as proper hygiene, Fu and Sullivan reached out to Happy Moose Juice, a local beverage company whose mission emphasizes giving back to the community, and whose healthy and delicious juices are made with produce from California farmers. Donations can be made through the campaign’s GoFundMe page or directly on Happy Moose Juice’s website:

Added Fu and Sullivan, “Although we are just two high schoolers, the support we’ve received from our community has been tremendous, and we’ve learned that anyone is capable of making an impact as long as they put their minds to it.”

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  1. Amazing, the world needs more good news like this. It’s beautiful how our younger community members are stepping up and showing us what coming together in a difficult time and showing up for the less fortunate, looks like. Thank you for sharing this. ❤️


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