letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor – Open Letter to City Hall

Dear Mayor Breed and Supervisor Mar:
Three things I noted today:

  1. I watched a recording of the SFMTA Board meeting of June 30, in which Director Tumlin said the Sunset had taken the biggest hit with COVID-19 line closures – more routes canceled, less options remaining than any other neighborhood. My own main bus line,  the 48-Quintara, has been down for months. Mr. Tumlin says we are focusing on servicing District 10.  Why not District 4?
  2. I walked in the park this morning and enjoyed the “Slow Streets” closure of JFK Drive,  until I got to the Sunset, where it was open to traffic. Do Sunset residents need less exercise?  Or less safety?
  3. On my walk in the eastern part of the park, I walked past the botanical garden, now reopened after the COVID-19 shutdown. But in the Sunset, the zoo remains closed. Why?  Both are large, open outdoor places to admire and enjoy nature. Do Westside residents not need some time with nature?
In each of the three comparisons above, the Sunset is the loser. Why? The Sunset is San Francisco’s largest neighborhood. It places a comparatively small burden on city services compared to many other neighborhoods. Why are we so consistently left out?
Mayor Breed, please don’t leave out the Sunset. Supervisor Mar, please stand up for those you represent.  
John F Hughes
District 7 Resident
District 4 Native

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