Letter to the Editor: Introducing SOAR – Save Our Amazing Richmond


There is a new group in town called “Save Our Amazing Richmond” (SOAR-D1). We are regular people coming together to solve problems in the Richmond District.

SOAR is bringing together Richmond District 1 neighbors who are concerned about the complex challenges facing the community.  

They’re interested in uniting and connecting the neighborhood so that residents may channel frustrations and energy into thoughtful, constructive, pragmatic collaboration. 

In this time of social distancing, SOAR is providing a virtual venue to get everyone in the community informed and involved, and their voices heard, through of series of supervisor candidate forums focused on key issues. These forums are the first of their kind, covering specific topics directly affecting D1. The initial hot topics are homelessness, economic development/small local business support, crime reduction and accountability.

The forum on homelessness was held on June 11. It can be viewed on Facebook (“Save Our Amazing Richmond”) or at

The next forum on Economic Development is scheduled for June 24 at 6:30 p.m.. Visit to sign up.

SOAR’s approach is a novel one – a non-partisan group focused solely on helping to build a better neighborhood for all residents and families – by concentrating on issues and how they get addressed.

“None of us are political but we recognize that ‘politics as usual here in San Francisco’ is no longer viable,” Co-lead Marie Hurabiell said. “It has led to a massive decline of our city. We are regular people who are active in our community, coming together to solve problems. We want to work with all of our elected officials to bring common sense and reason to city policies.”  

As the other co-lead, I have worked on issues such as homelessness and economic growth. Innovative thinking and positive actions involving all constituencies is required now more than ever.

Just under 25,000 votes were cast in the last D1 supervisor election, with a margin of approximately 550 votes tipping the scale. The growing group of residents who have joined SOAR (more than 260 in less than seven weeks, and growing) believe that they can make a positive impact.

Follow SOAR-D1 on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date, and check out the website to register:

Facebook (“Save Our Amazing Richmond”) or at

Ward Naughton, co-lead, SOAR

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