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Westside Single-Family Homes Are All The Rage

Column by Alexander Clark

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but that’s not for lack of anything to do. The market for single family homes in the west side of town (yes, that means the Richmond and Sunset) is hot.

My last post I told all of you neighbors about this house on 46th Ave that received 21 offers, but we hadn’t yet known how it would sell. As it turns out, it topped the list of top 20 Overbids in San Francisco selling for $1,415,000 from its $998,000 list price. I always like to highlight the overbids (have been for 18 years now), but I pay more attention to the number of offers. That home received 21 offers…think about that for a second.

Fast forward to the newest little nugget to hit the market in the Outer Richmond/Sutro Heights area at 627 46th Ave, and we have a little bit higher list price of $1,199,000, and word just came out of eight (yes 8) offers, and a soon to be sold price of $1,550,000. That’s $1360 per square foot for this wonderful 1140 square foot home in the best part of town west of Arguello.

I hope to have some real-time market data for all of you at some point that really looks at what happened during Shelter in Place, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, the west side single family home market is hot.

As another bit of anecdotal info, I have a property at 1771 39th Ave, which I didn’t even get posted on my website and we received a full price “off market” offer and hope to close in a few days.

Got questions about the market, selling your property, or just want to talk your options through? Feel free to contact me anytime.

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