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Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Homeless Shelters in City Parks


I’m a resident of the Sunset District. I just read the article in the Sunset Beacon. I think creating homeless shelters in the parks, Golden Gate in particular, will be a big mistake. As it is, homeless gravitate during the day to GG Park. This situation can seriously become a problem to public health.

During these hard times, the parks are oases for people. Areas of recreation, relaxation and exercise.

Bringing homeless to the park will threaten the purpose and enjoyment of the park, and every tax-paying San Franciscan deserves a clean and safe park.

Once a shelter is used inside the park, it will be hard to contain the situation. It could even turn dangerous.

There must be other options. Why not consider Hetch Hetchy area which is SF city land?

Manti Henriquez.

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  1. If a park without four walls, warmth, and basic comforts are the best that struggling and homeless people can enjoy, while many of us live in luxury, why would we object to parks or even better areas being reserved for them. It is so easy to forget the truth, “But for the grace of God, go I.” We are entirely selfish in trying to protect what actually belongs to God. I am not impressed with anyone who do not see this.


  2. First, I apologize for my subject verb error in my previous message, but may I add that I am bemused at the way that privileged people use fear to get their way. I read the woman’s letter again warning that allowing homeless people to shelter in the park “could even turn dangerous.” What could even turn dangerous, if homeless people are allowed to live in a nicely cleared park area? They are in danger now on the streets! What are we trying to protect–the homeless or our selfish ideals. Is the writer’s intent to guard a beautiful space that she just might want to use for herself and her family? Or should we guard the space to preserve its beauty, while people die on the streets? We must be mindful that nothing belongs to us. Especially in these dire times, we must question our motives, and ensure that our hearts are righteous. Everyone of us could lose the life that we know, as well as our possessions. Our world is in heightened test mode as I write, and many of us are failing the test.


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