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Greetings Richmond Review Readers,

Amanda Inocencio
Candidate for D1 Supervisor

I am grateful to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you – in an effort to garner your attention and interest in me, in hopes that I might gain your confidence and faith, and ultimately your vote, that which I deem a cherished gift.

I am Amanda Inocencio and I am a Richmond District resident running for District 1 Supervisor in San Francisco. I believe that patriotism is supporting your country all of the time, and your government when it deserves it, and I have deep-rooted fortune and appreciation to be an American, and particularly a San Franciscan, and a lawyer honored to have worked on a variety of governmental, civil, constitutional and criminal matters in the private, non-profit and government sectors, and to currently serve San Francisco’s indigent youth and families in Dependency, Delinquency, Education and Appellate matters.  

There are many reasons for which I have chosen to commit myself to this important public service position, but the main reason is my desire to directly address the deep concerns that I have observed over recent decades, some that have reached a zenith, bringing us to a point of government overload and financial inefficiencies, chock full of leadership standoffs, dismissive to the public’s concerns to promote our well being and not ideological and independent agendas, or held, in part, by a band of regulars whose collateral gains are the product of cronyism and nepotism. 

As your District 1 Supervisorial Candidate, I stand for inclusive, relevant, practical and pragmatic, not ideologically or unrealistically driven, solutions – supported by empirical data with a keen reverence to good stewardship of our public dollars.   I will not stand for the premise that my role is a social change maker – my role is to advocate and legislate the social and economic change the community wants and needs, to support issues around public safety, crime prevention, transit, housing and homelessness, education and commerce, at the least.  My approach is to work collaboratively with neighborhood folks and organizations, and to bring that position and persuasive advocacy to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor, to effectuate legislated and other solutions, and to join in on issues pertaining to the betterment of our city at large. 

The Richmond District, the town and country of San Francisco, is uniquely situated by its surroundings of exquisite nature and related activity – our Pacific Ocean and Farallon Islands on one side, and our iconic 1,000 acre Golden Gate Park, our cliff topped Lincoln Park, and our retired military post turned National Park, The Presidio, on the other two sides – all of which provides for world class art and natural history museums, Redwood Forests, endless walking and riding trails, golf courses, and indigenous wildlife, to say the least.  We are fortuned to also have a University, an emergency Hospital, three main corridors for multi-ethnic and multi-cultural commerce, residences, entertainment, dining and leisure life, access to four separate law enforcement organizations, two modern libraries, three fire stations, and more.  

However, as we know, our sidewalks are filthy; trees and median foliage are overgrown and hazardous; transportation is delayed, dangerous and overcrowded; businesses are shuttered and blight has set in; those who are tragically unhealthy and unhoused use the public sidewalk for sleeping, eating, socializing and relief; our city students are operating at a resource deficit relative to other urban communities – which could take a real turn for the worst given the spending of reserves and the City’s anticipated revenue shortfall to be able to fortify that deficit; our essential civil servant positions (teachers, police, transportation workers) are becoming impossible to fill given the cost of living and quality of life issues; and our fire fighting ability to cover a 50,000 housing stock is in exigent need of a permanent underground pipeline and water source.  How can this be, and what can we do in response?

I will work diligently to make ardent efforts around these issues with resolutions founded on the values of grace, civility and unity, integrity and competence, collaborative service to others, and passion and perseverance.

Please reach out to my website to learn more about my background, my platform, and my campaign.  I look forward to meeting with you and neighborhood groups, to hear and discuss concerns and issues, and prospective solutions.  I also look forward to engaging in this political process, and hopefully receiving your dedicated support. 

To learn more, visit:

With warm regards and optimism,

Amanda Inocencio

Candidate for D1 Supervisor 

“Together Today, and Into the Future”

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