Letter to the Editor: Richmond District Artist Uses Boarded-up Store Front as Her Canvas


My name is Safi Kolozsvari. I’m a local artist here in the Richmond District. I graduated from The Academy of Art University with a bachelors degree in fine art painting. I also show my art in local galleries in the City and East Bay.

I’ve recently completed a mural on the temporary boards outside of The Kezar Pub at 770 Stanyan Street. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a flood of artists painting beautiful murals on the temporary plywood boards adhered to the glass windows and doors of many local businesses in the Bay Area.

safi in front of mural.jpeg

Richmond District artist Safi Kolozsvari poses in front of the mural she painted on the front of The Kezar Pub at 770 Stanyan St.

Through my mural I wanted to bring a bit of lightheartedness to the current situation we’ve all been faced with for the past couple months with the coronavirus. There is a very relevant hidden message in my mural regarding “corona.” My concept was to use the imagery from the old beer advertisements where there was an ice cold beer bottle sitting on a beautiful tropical white sand beach, that was usually followed by some sort of text/catch phrase.

Safi flattening.jpeg

In my mural I used a rival Mexican beer instead. For the catch phrase I included text reading “Flattening the Curve” (a phrase we’ve heard repeated many times recently by the media and doctors regarding the virus) Implying that the rival beer is flattening the curve of corona. I enjoy how the mural has everything to do with the original beer with out even having to mention its name.

I hope you can consider featuring my mural in the Richmond Review. As a local Richmond (starving) artist the recognition would be excellent for both myself and the Richmond District. People may not see the Richmond being an arts district, but we’re out here and this is proof! Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,


safi kezar.jpeg

For more information, visit Instagram: @chachaa71415

or email:

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