letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Homeless Encampments on 48th Avenue


The homeless encampments started cropping up as soon as Lyft rental bikes were installed. This began lateFebruary/early March. I’m afraid that even as SIP lifts, these encampments will remain. There’s constant garbage, dogs barking at all hours of the night, no 6 feet distancing. People congregating and what appears a collection of stolen good from the neighborhood.

The junk piling up around and in front of thr tents do not allow any pedestrians to walk or feel safe on the whole block located on 48th Avenue between Cabrillo and Fulton along Safeway’s parking lot wall.
The mayor doesn’t care and in fact the City installed a porta potty and hand washing station on the corner of 48th Avenue and Fulton Streets. Here are today’s view from my window. I can send more.

Regina Gantan


homeless safeway 2

homeless safeway 1jpeg

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