Press Release

Press Release: Guideline for Re-opening Businesses

May 16, 2020
San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations
San Francisco Releases Guidelines for Retail Businesses to Operate Storefront Pickup and Delivery, beginning May 18

The Department of Public Health has released new conditions that will allow many retail and related businesses to reopen if they have in place specific safety requirements to protect their workers and customers. 

This information is subject to change until the order and guidelines are issued. That is expected to happen on Monday, May 18, 2020, if public health conditions remain stable. 

All of these businesses must have a Social Distancing Protocol and implement a new Health and Safety Plan for operating during the coronavirus pandemic. Both plans must be in place before the business can operate for curbside pickup. See all guidelines for operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.
Customers may not enter the store.


New Health Order directives released May 8 include new Health and Safety Plan for businesses, helping to set the stage for a safe reopening.
The San Francisco Department of Public Health has released new directives for some types of essential businesses to help maintain our progress against the coronavirus and set the stage for opening up more parts of society. 

Businesses are already doing most of these requirements, like physical distancing, proper cleaning, and making sure personnel and customers have face coverings. The new directives codify and make clear what is required for businesses to remain open.

Information by industry
There are three directives, one for each of these categories of essential businesses: 

Grocers, farmers’ markets, pharmacies, and hardware stores Restaurants for food take-out and deliveryDelivery services 

Each directive has specific mandatory guidance for that industry. These are part of careful preparations for a safe reopening of our City. More people doing more things requires more caution in how we operate. This is one way to maintain our progress, prepare to open up more aspects of daily life, and continue to save lives. 

Effective dates
The directives take effect immediately but include a grace period for complying with the requirements. Businesses need to comply with the requirements starting at 11:59 pm. on May 22, 2020. The directives will remain in effect until the Health Officer changes them or determines they are no longer needed.

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