Letter to the Editor: New Group, SOAR (Save Our Amazing Richmond), to Hold Candidate Forum May 19

In the past your newspaper has covered a number of initiatives in which I and others have been involved. Tom Pendergast wrote an excellent article about our community-led effort to help address the homeless situation in a forward-thinking, constructive manner.
That initiative resulted in more than 300 residents expressing support, and led to proactive discussions with the mayor, Supervisor Fewer, Dept of Homelessness, etc.
While homelessness remains a challenge in the district, other issues such as increased property crime, public health, and small business struggles have also become increasingly critical.
All the above has led to a group of neighbors (who initially met on Nextdoor) getting together to try and be a positive force in the district. The group is called SOAR.
Along those lines, our group which has grown to over 150 in a few short weeks, will be hosting a Candidate Forum (Tuesday,  May 19 at 6 p.m. )for the upcoming District 1 Supervisor election.
Unlike other typical forums, we hope to keep the discussion focused on SPECIFIC ACTION & PLANS not generalities.
The growth of the group, it’s novel approach to focusing on critical issues, and/or how the shelter in place has changed elections … all might be of interest to your readers.
Please feel free to contact me with any follow-up questions.
Attached below is a descriptive piece on the group and our upcoming Candidate Forum.
Ward Naughton
Dear SOAR-D1 Friends,

Wow – we’re on to something here – in six weeks since going live online we’ve grown to more than 150 members! It is such a relief to know that so many people care so deeply for our neighborhood and our city.

Two action items for you RIGHT NOW:

1) Please invite all of your neighbors to join us. Minimum two please!  Feel free to use any verbiage, or cut and paste the wording below, which is what one of our new members blasted to 50 friends . . .

Friends! Please join this new group called SOAR (Save Our Amazing Richmond). I am losing my mind with the state of things in our ‘hood and I wanted to meet up and brainstorm with fellow frustrated folks. Here’s the website, please send to all your neighbors, too! 

Feel free to share that we are all looking for solutions to have a positive impact.

2)  Click below to register for an engaging discussion with your D1 candidates on May 19 at 6 p.m.

SOAR-D1 is a growing group of concerned residents. Started in January, we are already more than 150 members – we want real solutions to the issues facing our district and our city.  Our emphasis is on problem-solving and after the initial forum, we will be hosting a series of issue-focused meetings. We need to come together to make a difference.

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  1. This is great. Thank you Ward (and others) who are taking it upon yourselves to restore the voice of the residents as the primary driver of our Supervisor’s priorities. Too many of me fellow Richmond District neighbors feel paralyzed and voiceless by the status-quo SF-machine driving our political agenda. Kudos for bringing reasonable-minded neighbors together.


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