letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Tracking Lines at Grocery Stores


Based on your local coverage, I thought you might be interested in our new local website focused on helping people during COVID. Long lines at grocery stores have become a standard during shelter in place – this is particularly tough as we balance work, lives, children and more. We wanted to help our community by building a website that can help people plan their trips, so https://storequeue.com/ was born. 

I currently live in Inner Richmond and developed this site with my friend who lives in Oakland. We started the site from these two neighborhoods. Launched on April 20, we’ve seen our neighborhoods embrace our website with 5000+ users in the last week. Wait times are crowdsourced and verified by users. If live wait times are unavailable, they are predicted based on past trends. The more that people use the platform, the more useful it is for our entire community.

We now cover most stores throughout the Bay Area, where we live, with plans to expand to more cities in the U.S. soon. Stores in San Francisco and Oakland/Berkley currently have the most amount of data.

We’d love to spread the word to increase awareness about the website, so that we can help more people in the community and make lives a little easier during this tough time.

Soumya Mo

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