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Hot Tip For My Neighbors: 21 Offers On This House

Column by Alexander Clark

I just wanted to give my neighbors an insider tip about this property at 723 46th Ave. I have it on good intel this little house, likely similar to yours or someone you know, listed on the market April 23rd, has received 21 offers, is now in contract, and should close soon.

Anyone care to venture a guess at what price this sells?

Pretty good feeling to know even if buyer #1 falls out, you have 20 others to fall back on.

As soon as I know the sales price, you will too. More pictures and details online.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Rest easy San Francisco’s west side real estate market is holding strong.

723 46th Ave, Outer Richmond For Sale $998,000

Alexander Clark is a Richmond District resident and Realtor/Founder of theFrontSteps – San Francisco Real Estate


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