Richmond Senior Center

Letter to the Editor: Lots of Love to Share from the Richmond Senior Center


Another long day (week actually) and I just loved this email so much that I wanted to share.  We are small and serve a very specific community, but we are mighty and genuinely full of love! 

This week we distributed a week’s worth of food to more than 150 seniors again while providing more than 100 wellness check in calls.  We also began distribution of more than 400 care packages and, at the same time, delivered art class and a book club using Zoom and our conference-calling line for those without internet. 

I often wish we could do more but then I take a moment to breathe, reflect and realize we are doing so much! We are all part of something truly special.  I have never felt more proud and fortunate to be a member of the incredible team at the Richmond Senior Center. 

At some point, when the dust settles, I hope we can all share the wonderful stories and work we have done in these unprecedented times.  

Much appreciation and love,

Kale Walling, Director, Richmond Senior Center

“Hi team, I got one lovely pic, and want to share with you all. Kevin was helping Robert to carry the heavy frozen meal packs home, and they were practicing social distancing together. Our community is full of love. China.” Photo by Caina Li.
“Thank you Wing, Karen, Caina, Sunita, Cheryl and Aileen! Wow I will definitely rethink a care package of this magnitude again. I really do appreciate all the effort so far and still to come. There are 110 ready to go! And Aileen we set up a station with gloves masks and 15 Volunteer agreements.  Also set up a table with 16 odd shaped Sees goodies to give to the volunteers. I also just got a call from one senior who didn’t get lunch delivered today but she isn’t on our list.  We have extra lunches so I will set aside a frozen pack and milk/fruit pack for her if you can ask the volunteer that is making her care package delivery to also deliver her lunch?  Her name is Winifred. She got a call from Cheryl today and wanted to say that she is so happy that she is part of the Richmond Senior Center family because she feels so cared for by all of us.  It was a nice call to get.”

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