letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Helping Animals During Pandemic

Dear Editor:

While San Francisco continues to stay ahead of the curve, it makes my heart so happy to see the ways my neighbors are helping each other. Based on the information in your latest issue, I just signed up to help via One Richmond.  I love how much we are all looking out for each other and extending our definition of community.  

For many of us, that meaning includes our pets.  Our furry, feathery, scaly and other non-human friends are such a big part of our lives and bring us immense comfort in times like these.  Here is another way that you can consider helping that includes these four (and two and sometimes three!)-legged friends:   

2025 Action Team Community Kindness Card – Best Friends Animal Society

Check out how the Best Friends Kindness Cards can help you help your neighbors, no matter what their species!
Wishing everyone good health and safety!

Amber E.

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