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Letter to the Editor: Opposed to St. Ignatius Stadium Lighting


I represent the Saint Ignatius Neighborhood Association and we are strongly opposed to the proposed project at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, located at 2001 37th Ave. in the Sunset District.  

Saint Ignatius (SI) is planning to install permanent night time stadium lighting on their football field.  These LED lights will rise 90 feet above the field which is located directly across the street from many of the surrounding homes. These permanent stadium lights are proposed to be in use for over 150 nights a year and until 10 pm for every event. 

In the permit application, they claim these stadium lights will not be an expanded use of the campus – clearly night time games are just that.  Also, SI was granted a CEQA exemption without an environmental study. 

During our current virus crises, Saint Ignatius has been successful in moving ahead with this project because one of their stadium light towers will hold Verizon wireless antennas and during this crisis – Verizon believes that the city of SF has deemed any telecommunications project essential, and SF Planning is moving forward with a public hearing scheduled for May 14.  (Despite the fact that SI has existing cell installations on their campus buildings and there are no cell coverage issues in our neighborhoods.) It is clear to us that Saint Ignatius is using their interpretation of the “essential” clause to slip their giant stadium lighting through the planning process quickly. 

In the past, SI has rented temporary lighting for football games and the neighborhood (extending many blocks in radius) experienced the affects of night time games, namely;  increased traffic, cars speeding, blaring loud-speakers, cheering, air-horns, litter, absolutely no street parking, blocked driveways, double parking and pre/post gaming drinking and partying.

During these temporary lighted games, we were unable to talk to each other in our own living rooms – even several blocks away from SI.  Our dinners turned into shouting matches as we tried to talk with our families.  Friends coming to visit couldn’t find parking even blocks away. 

We reside in a peaceful residential zoned neighborhood with quiet evenings.  SI already has daytime and weekend games/practices – and the resulting loudspeakers, noise, parking and traffic issues. But this is to be expected when you live near a high school – during school days and weekends – but not our evenings.

SI’s permanent stadium lighting project would be extremely disruptive to our evening residential living.  We want to be to talk with our family during dinner, we have young children who need early bedtimes, we want to be able to get into our own driveways after work, we want our friends visiting to be able to find parking – we’re not asking anything any other school area neighborhood currently enjoys. 

SI would be the only high school in San Francisco with night time stadium lighting.  All the other private and public high schools are able to accommodate their sports programs during daylight hours.

This stadium lighting project will substantially impair and impede the reasonable use and enjoyment of our homes and the neighborhood. 

Stay up to date on this project by emailing us at: 

Deborah Brown, Secretary
Saint Ignatius Neighborhood Association


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  1. I’m saddened to see that Verizon will be part of the Tower lights at St. Ignatius football field. The company is secretly installing 5-G Towers that adversely affect people & small living animals. Countries are beginning to hault the install of 5-G technology!


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