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Richmond / Sunset Real Estate Goes On Extended Pause

Column by Alexander Clark

It seems the sky did, in fact, fall on us as soon as I shared my last post here on the Richmond Review, and you, like thousands of Richmond / Sunset neighbors might be thinking the real estate market fell too. Alas, it has not.

I’ve been updating my readers on theFrontSteps about how COVID-19 has directly impacted our ability to show and sell property, but it is way too soon to tell what impact COVID-19 will have on our market, prices, and activity once this blows over. It will certainly have an effect, but to what degree is still unknown. I highly doubt home values will plunge the way the stock market has.

I have also recently shared our Outer Richmond State of the Market report with my readers, which you can find here at this link.

Please note, the report was finished right before Shelter In Place went into effect, so our 2020 predictions may change. However, as I said in my post on theFrontSteps, “We are in a major holding pattern. The lack of closed transactions is not a result of the lack of buyer demand, or sellers unable to sell. It is the result of it being damn near impossible to show property at the moment.”

It’s like when your favorite song is playing, and you’re totally into it, dancing, singing, rockin’ out…and someone pushes pause and no matter what you do you can’t get it to play again — yet.

So check out the post, check out the report, and let me know if you have any questions. I will be updating as much as possible, on as many channels as possible, but if you really have specific questions, it’s best just to ask. I am available via phone, text, and video conference if you need some guidance.

theFrontSteps State of the Outer Richmond Market Report

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